Brenda Posh

From an early age, I loved creating all kinds of handmade items. I tried my hand at many different crafts such as sewing, knitting, quilting, woodwork, pottery and others. It wasn't until my dear friend Elissa introduced me to the wondrous world of beads and precious stones that my interest shifted to jewelry making. This soon became a near obsession, prompting me to learn and experiment with various jewelry making techniques and media which included bead stringing, bead weaving, polymer clay, cold work, fabrication, and wire. I passionately experimented with everything.

Currently, my passion leads me to sculpt wire into beautiful pieces of wearable art. Wire brings form and structure, beauty and longevity to a piece, which fits my desire to create jewelry that is not only attractive, but durable as well. Working with wire is often unpredictable; seeming to have a mind of its own which can result in a serendipity and a playfulness to my pieces.

My Art Collections: