Debby Gibson

Deb Gibson grew up all over the world but was “ADOPTED” by Texas after living there over 42 years.  She had always felt like she was an artist and tried just about every medium and was disappointed until she took her first glass class. She loved it. She found two used kilns got a controller and went to town.  She mostly made dichroic jewelry at first loving the glitz of the dichro but soon learned more techniques along the way.  Now she tries to focus on one technique a year and really getting to know it while doing the other techniques that she already adores.  To Deb opening a kiln is like going downstairs on Christmas morning.  Her growth in glass has encouraged her to try other techniques in other mediums and her art is growing with more range every year.  Since her kilns and studios were outside she could not practice her art during the summer and winter so she moved her art practice inside and fell in love with mixed media and collage.

My Art Collections: