About Silo

Silo Gallery represents over a dozen very talented artists specializing in 3D art forms, including bronze, raku pottery, wood, and warm glass such as: fused, draped, slumped, cast and mixed media.  Tour the Studio and learn more about warm, NOT blown glass!
2 Muses Fusing
2 Muses Fusing is the art glass work of Chester C. John and Elissa D. Beach. Their passion for kiln formed glass extends to ornamental as well as functional items. They enjoy creating fused, cast and multi-media glass art and hope you find some joy in the pieces as well.
Where are we?
You will find The Silo between San Marcos and Wimberley, TX on Ranch Road 12 about a mile north of Wimberley Glassworks, where you can see glass blowing demos. We are right across the street from Middleton Brewery on Oakwood Loop.

About Our Classes

Silo April 2011 - When it was The Silo Antique and Feed Store.

Silo sometime before June 2010 - The Silo Antique and Feed Store.

Silo Glass Spring 2017 (Photo by Clay Ewing)


The Silo was built by Ralph and Jean Petley using a Butler Building kit. Unfortunately, the kits are no longer available. In addition to The Silo, they built a home further down the road. The home is not visible from the road.

1985 - 2001

The Silo started out as a Stained glass studio and store that featured lighting.

2002 - 2013

It was The Silo Antique and Feed Store run by Steve and Melinda Howell. I have heard so many stories of the wonderful antiques available during this time.

February 2014

Chester John and Elissa Beach bought The Silo.


The rectangular building near the Silo was demolished to make way for a new studio. If they would have known it would take over 2 years, they would have waited, the building would have been handy!


A Moving IN Garage sale was held and we met so many of our neighbors! It was great fun.

Labor Day Weekend 2014

Silo Glass opened the door becoming the home for Silo Glass, 2 Muses Fusing, and Glass from the heart.


Still waiting on permits for the new building, we made it through the first year and a half of permits. But WAIT, there is more...


Grand Opening - New Gallery and Studio opens and Silo Glass begins to move in. November 18th plumbing was completed for the toilets, Nov. 19 was the Grand Opening!