Anne Burtt

Military veteran, world traveler, philanthropist, animal lover, artisan, optimist

​Looking at glass artist Anne Burtt’s pieces reveals not only a dimension of light but a dimension of shadow, substance and texture. No, you’re not in the Twilight Zone, you’re looking at the wondrous glass works that comprise her art and imagination.

In this series, stalks of organic and bulbous pieces aptly named “Sea Anemones” reach out to the viewer and engulfs them in a sea of tentacles that burst with color and convey Anne’s joy in her work, and her world. A world that she herself describes as peaceful and content.

It was her work with glass that brought together the foundations of her studio skills and her aesthetic. The fused glass pieces that comprise the Sea Anemone series are the culmination of this passion. A passion that not only includes an affinity for texture, depth, dimension and light, but also a strong work ethic and perfectionism that is apparent throughout the series. The tactile qualities of her work are evident in this expressive series that are designed by Anne to include lighting. With this exciting series Anne is pushing the boundaries.

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