Make a beautiful glass birdbath for a stand or to hang on a porch or in a tree. This fun one session class will be 3 hours, using glass nippers and frit maker to make either a bird bath, feeder or nice large dish. 

Join us in this fun class where you will make your own frit, use the nippers to create a beautiful creation made with your choice of colors to hang on your porch, or use as a dish. It includes the following:

  • Precut Tekta circle, up to 12" as necessary
  • Additional glass pieces/decoration taking the size of the circle to approximately 14".
  • Additional charge may apply if the circle needs to be hand cut and/or if specialist glasses are selected - i.e. streaky, collage or Iridized glasses.

The class includes the following options for stands and hanging:

  1. Standard "hanging" bird bath - i.e. chains and rings to be added and applied by Silo Staff post firing. It does not include a Shepherds Hook.
  2. Standard bird bath/bowl stand is included as an alternate option to the hanging version (Please see those on display in Gallery; this is the standard stand included in the class cost.)

Alternate options for stands, there are other stand options that can be purchased:

  1. Medium stand, 4-leg black stand, approximately 11" diameter, 12" tall at additional charge of $18.00.
  2. Tall stand, 4-leg tall stand, wing-nut fold-out base and suction cups to hold bowl at additional charge $25.00.
  3. Shepherd's Hook available for additional charge $35.00.

(1 session $160) $80 deposit

Beginner Class

October 15th, Sunday 1–4pm

December 3rd, Sunday 1-4pm

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