ADV - Cutting Wizardry with Laurie Rich

Mastering glass cutting is more than just scoring with a glass cutter. It’s about learning to use your eyes, ears, body, touch and how to select and correctly use the right glass tool to get the result you want. Moreover, learning how glass “thinks” is an invaluable skill to minimize waste, resources, and most importantly, frustration.  Many experienced glass artists have taken this class and discovered how much better their cutting skills are AFTER the class.

This 6-hour class will explore and teach best practices in cutting, glass breaking, tools, cutting posture and more to get consistent results. You will learn how to:  

  • Cut strips without a strip cutter, cut (mostly) straight lines freehand, and creating very narrow strips.  
  • Cut deep convex and concave curves, and finally. 
  • Cut circles, circle rims and circles within circles to include in complex fusing creations.

If you are new to cutting glass, you would also benefit by not having to get rid of bad habits later, learn to do it the best way possible!

Prerequisite for Advanced class, Fusing 101.

  • Taught by: Guest - Laurie Rich
  • Sessions: 1
  • Class time: 6 hours
  • Cost: $196
  • Deposit: $98 to hold your space
  • Min - Max students: 4 - 10

Comments from experienced glass artists after the class:

  • Thank you SO very much for this brilliant class!  I enjoyed it immensely and got a huge amount out of it.  You are a Master!  It was so much fun, and so much detailed explanation too.  I know everyone who attended will reap the benefits.  Some bad habits for me to overcome for sure, but oh wow! What a true gift you are in teaching these techniques - so many definite improvements to come in future.  Above all, I think is the confidence level rising - definitely your "be brave" commentary will shine through.
  • What a great workshop that Cutting Wizardry with Laurie was!! She taught/shared so many good things, had excellent exercises and feedback! Thank you:)

Advanced - Fusing 101 prerequisite.

  • June 8th, Saturday 10:30am - 5pm
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