Glass Fusing 101

Come to Silo Glass to learn the basics of fusing glass. In this 3 session class, you will learn about cutting, preparing for the kiln and firing process of fused glass. 

Day one, learn to cut glass, the properties of glass, and make 4 tiles. 

Day two learn about firing schedules, flow and make an 8x8 stacked piece.

Day three create your final 8x8 project from what you learned in the first two classes. You will make 6 glass pieces to learn about fusing and the flow of glass. Join us for this fun and informational class. There will be three sessions for a more in depth knowledge of glass and fusing.

Glass fusing 101  (3 sessions $196)(98 deposit)

AUDIT Glass Fusing 101

Glass fusing 101 is a prerequisite for renting studio space. If you have had Fusing 101 and would like a refresher, come join our lecture part of the classes. Or if you have taken Fusing in another studio, you can audit the class lectures to learn how this studio works. (This does NOT include any projects or glass.)

Audit Fusing 101 (3 sessions $60)

(3 sessions 196)

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