Kim's 3-D Composition

Kim Springer-Smith will teach you complex artistic planning and layering skills required to make exclusive 3-D Glass Art in this advanced, 4-part class. Kim is an experienced tutor with the ability to move seamlessly between students - no matter their knowledge, experience or capabilities and so provides individual support.

  • Session 1 - Full explanation and examples of planning a 3-D piece;
  • Session 2 - Planning, cutting and layering - setting order for your final piece, initial artworks inc. embellishments (powdering, enameling, and more); initial firings;
  • Session 3 - After initial firing/s; cold working; additional layering and/or finessing artistic accents etc.; next firing stage;
  • Session 4 - Final step/s for completion of piece.

This exclusive advanced class is $500 pp, includes everything you will need for making your final piece, including the 20+ hrs direct tuition and guidance from Kim. Please sign up early, reserve your spot, or at least please register your interest!

  • Taught by: Kim Springer-Smith
  • Sessions: 4
  • Class time: 20 hours
  • Cost: $ 500
  • Deposit: $250 to hold your space
  • Minimum - Maximum number of students: 3 - 6

Fusing 101 Prerequisite

  • Sep. 7th, Saturday 1pm -5pm - Part 1
  • Sep. 8th, Sunday 10:30am -4pm - Part 2
  • Sep. 14th, Saturday 12noon -5pm - Part 3
  • Sep. 21st, Saturday 12noon -5pm - Part 4
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